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Butcher Block Finishes

Butcher block island countertop

All of our butcher blocks are custom crafted to customer specifications from carefully selected domestic hardwoods. The adhesives, oils and conditioners used in creating our butcher blocks are food safe. The regular use of our custom blended butcher block conditioners will keep your butcher block looking new for years to come.

For butcher blocks where food preparation is NOT its primary function (i.e. tables, bars, service islands, etc.) and where stain resistance and low maintenance are desirable we also offer a commercial hard surface finish in both satin and gloss.

We offer two types of hard surface finishes. For normal residential applications we have a hardened lacquer in a satin sheen. For areas where additional wear and scratch resistance is desired, we have a two part urethane which comes in a flat sheen.

Butcher Block Conditioners

Butcher block conditioners

Almost every butcher block conditioner offered for sale is blended from 3 main ingredients: mineral oil, bees wax and carnauba wax. If the butcher block conditioner is in a liquid form it is primarily mineral oil with a lower concentration of the waxes. We offer our butcher block conditioner in both liquid and paste wax form. The paste wax form has a much higher concentration of waxes which provide a higher level of protection for your butcher block against moisture and stains. We don't have fancy bottles or catchy names just 100% quality blended butcher butcher block conditioners at generic prices.


100% Food Grade Mineral Oil: $6.95/8oz Container

Paste Wax Conditioner: $10.95/8oz Container

Butcher Block Hard Surface Finishes & Stains

Should you choose a hard surface finish for your butcher block, you may also wish to modify the natural color of your choice of wood using a stain. Simply visit your local hardware or building supply, choose a Minwax color, and forward it to us with your order.

If you have further questions about our products or would like help in planning your butcher block project we have a trained professional waiting to assist you. Please contact us or call us at (989) 727-3177.

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