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Caring For Your Butcher Block

Wood products will last a over a lifteime if properly cared for and maintained. Here at Blockhead, we are happy to help you care for your product properly so you can be proud of your butcher block for years to come.

Green butcher block island

Our butcher blocks, counter tops, islands and bar tops should be cleaned by washing with a mild anti-bacterial soap.

For blocks with oil or conditioner finishes, a regular regiment of reconditioning is required. By reapplying a butcher block conditioner to your product on a routine basis, you will add moisture resistance back to your block and keep the wood from drying and cracking from repeated washing.

A good practice for most people would be bi-monthly conditioning with a good block conditioner consisting of beeswax, carnauba wax and food grade mineral oil. To make it easier for you to find quality products, we offer three different options for butcher block conditioners on our Finishes page.

Butcher blocks with a hard surface finish already have water and stain resistance permanently present so all that is required is a mild anti-bacterial soap when needed!